About our team

Introducing a new model for journalism is an ambitious problem to try to solve — and also an incredibly important one. To help realize our vision, we’ve built a global team of top engineering and design talent, along with former journalists and marketers, and always maintain a “journalism first” approach to our methodology.

Matthew Iles portrait

Matthew Iles

CEO; Founder of Civil
Dan Kinsley portrait

Dan Kinsley

CTO; Co-Founder
Nguyet Vuong portrait

Nguyet Vuong

VP, Design; Co-Founder
Peter Ng portrait

Peter Ng

VP, Engineering
Ursula O’Kuinghttons portrait

Ursula O’Kuinghttons

Regional Lead, Latin America & Europe
Nick Reynolds portrait

Nick Reynolds

Engineer & Governance Lead
Robert Okrzesik portrait

Robert Okrzesik

Design Director
Walker Flynn portrait

Walker Flynn

Sarah Rudy portrait

Sarah Ruddy

Front-End Engineer
Toby Fox portrait

Toby Fox